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How it Works

Free-Flow Tolling Service
Free-Flow Tolling Service is mainly composed of “Free-Flow Tolling System” and “Vehicle Tag” (formerly known as Vehicle-Specific Toll Tag, VTT).
1. Free-Flow Tolling System
is an automatic system that detects vehicles passing through tolled tunnels, and processes toll payments.
2. Vehicle Tag
is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sticker tag affixed on the windscreen of a motor vehicle.
Vehicle Tag

Vehicle Tag

Vehicle Tag
Our service provider will issue a “Vehicle Tag" to the vehicle owner for using Free-Flow Tolling Service. The first Vehicle Tag of any vehicle will be free of charge.
Vehicle Tag
A Vehicle Tag will store two digital information
  • Toll Tag Identification Number
  • Processed Vehicle Identification Number (a number printed on the top-right corner of the vehicle licence)

Installation of Toll Tag

Installation of Toll Tag
A vehicle owner simply affixes a Vehicle Tag to the inside surface of the vehicle’s windscreen. Toll tag requires no power, and installation is easy.
Installation of Toll Tag

Steps for Passing through Tunnel

Normal Speed Driving
1. Normal Speed Driving
A motorist drives at normal speed
Passing through Toll Point
2. Through Toll Point
The system detects the vehicles passing through the toll point
Automatic payment
3. Automatic payment
Tunnel toll is collected through automatic payment or other electronic means.
Mobile App Notification
4. Mobile App Notification
A motorist receives a notification through the Mobile App of the service (e.g. a notification of successful payment, unsuccessful payment, or non-payment).

Account Management

Account Management
A website and Mobile App for the service will be launched, so users can enjoy the following services anytime, anywhere.
  • Account Management
  • Payment Record Checking
  • Payment Arrangement
  • Customer Service

Data Protection

Data Protection
We and our service provider will take a number of measures to protect personal data and ensure strict compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.