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How to Pay

How to Pay
A vehicle owner (or his agent) registers one of the following payment methods in association with the Vehicle Tag (formerly known as Vehicle-Specific Toll Tag):
  • Bank Account
  • Credit Card
  • Stored-Value Facility
Tunnel tolls will be debited from the registered payment account when the vehicle passes through a tolled tunnel upon implementation of Free-Flow Tolling Service.

Other Situations

Other Situations
Automatic Payment Cannot be Made
A vehicle owner (or his agent) may make tunnel toll payment in arrears within a grace period (14 business days) under the following situations:
  1. Automatic Payment Unsuccessful; or
  2. Vehicle is not afffixed with a Toll Tag
Tolls Remain Unsettled after Grace Period
If the tunnel tolls remain unsettled after the grace period, we will issue a notice to the vehicle owner, requesting toll payment and imposing surcharges.